Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Knocking on heaven's door?

I'm looking for a version of this ultra-famous song (I know there are millions of covers) but I'm looking for one made in the late eighties by a group called Heaven, one of those hair metal bands at the time...does anyone know where I can download it or, if you have it, would you be so kind as to email it to me? If so, contact me through my profile soon as I get it, you'll get your 10 points!

Knocking on heaven's door?

I can find no information about a group named Heaven ever doing a cover of that song....

"Knockin' on Heaven's Door" is a song written by Bob Dylan from Pat Garrett %26amp; Billy the Kid, the soundtrack of the 1973 film of the same name.


Although it was originally recorded as a slow acoustic country song, "Knockin'" has been covered in many tempos and styles, by many artists, including The Grateful Dead, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Seether, Cold Chisel, Guns N' Roses (which reached #2 in the UK Singles Chart), Television, Avril Lavigne, Warren Zevon, Bon Jovi, Randy Crawford, Beau Jocques, Lachfl鐩瞫h and Z鑼?Ramalho (Brazil).

In 1993 it was performed by the Red Army Chorus and Ensemble with the Leningrad Cowboys in the Total Balalaika show and subsequent video.

In 1998, South African group Ladysmith Black Mambazo and U.S. country diva Dolly Parton teamed up to record the song.

The song was used to somewhat of a humorous effect in the 2005 film, Be Cool and thus it is featured on the movie's soundtrack. It was most recently featured on the reality show Rock Star: Supernova, performed by Toby Rand. The song was part of the soundtrack for the film Lethal Weapon 2 and was also sung by Korean artist Youme for the movie Windstruck

With the consent of Bob Dylan, a Dunblane musician named Ted Christopher wrote a new verse for Knockin' On Heaven's Door in memory of the Dunblane schoolchildren and teacher killed in the Dunblane massacre.[citation needed] The recording of the revised version of the song, which included brothers and sisters of the victims singing chorus and Mark Knopfler on guitar, was released on December 9, 1996 in the UK, and reached number 1. The proceeds went to charities for children.

I did like the Guns and Roses version........


Knocking on heaven's door?

* Ok the project is underway my dear.*

Knocking on heaven's door?

guns n roses did it

Knocking on heaven's door?

limewire has it.

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