Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I need more hairstyles please.?

I閳ユ獡 twelve and new hairstyles. I usually put my hair in a ponytail and sometimes curl it. I have dark brown hair and it's about 12 inches below my shoulder and it is straight at all times, except when I curl it. I DO NOT have bangs or layers. I don't want like tacky hairstyles please. It needs to be classical or weird, but still cute. I have rubber bands, curler, and hair pins. But as you give suggestions, please give some instructions on how to do them and what I need to get to do them.

I need more hairstyles please.?

If you want your hair cut...

If it's curly then cut it a little shorter and get layers to make the curls show up better and try doing a side part to make your hair look more interesting. If you are really looking for a change try bangs (straight across, side-swept) whatever looks best on you.

If it's straight cut it and inch or two to get rid of any split ends and to give your hair a lighter feel. You can also try the bangs, side part, or ask to get you hair angled around your face too!

If you want styling ideas...

Try some of these ideas from Seventeen they give you step by step ways to do your hair, trust me you'll love these styles!

I hope I could help!

I need more hairstyles please.?

Umm this is pretty hard i dont think there is any IN styles with hair like that and not wanting to cut it in layers sorry!

I need more hairstyles please.?

Matrix has some good styles for long hair with instructions too. check it out

I need more hairstyles please.?

you could put it half up. To do this, but your hair in a pony tail, but don't tie is up yet. Let the bottom half of your hair loose, and then tie the remaining hair up. There's one style. Another one is two wear them into pigtails. They should be low and over or slightly behind your ears!

My hair is just like yours, and I am your age also!

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