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Trichotillomania help!?

to anyone who has it: has anyone found anything that has worked for them that might help me at school or when doing my homework?

for anyone who doesnt know...trichotillomania is a cumpulsive disorder where u pull ur hair out, it goes along with OCD...

anyone have any ideas to help me stop pulling? i have been struggling for 3 years and i have a shaved head but the hair is coming in and i pulled out some hairs yesturday. ive tried band-aids, talking, writing, rubber-bands, etc. any tips?


Trichotillomania help!?

Are you seeking professional help? If you have had this for three years, along with your OCD, I hope you have the help of a good psychiatrist and therapist...and some appropriate medications. If not, that would be where I'd start! kjl

Trichotillomania help!?

Is there any medicines you can take to lessen the symptoms? I don't know much about trichotillomania, but I know that it's extremely helpful for me (And I have extreme anxiety, depression, and High Functioning Autism) to talk on help boards (Maybe google trichotillomania help forum?) :D

I wish you all the best, and I hope that you can figure out some more solutions to your problem :D

Trichotillomania help!?

i am 44 and i have had OCD since i was 7. i will tell you how to make your symptoms have less intensity. you describe only the hair pulling and if thats your only problem then you experience the same intense anxiety thats experienced by those with OCD who do rituals. you also gain a satisfied feeling after you pull hair. i understand your disorder very much and i sympathize with you. you have to learn how to ignore these compulsions, and as you do ignore them the intensity will decrease and you will get better control over this. heres how i controlled my OCD, and it has caused me all sorts of problems in my life. i bacame an alcoholic for 14 years due to the anxiety from my OCD. i've been alcohol and drug free for 13 years now. don't drink or do drugs because this will only make your OCD worse. especially as you come down form substances because of the anxiety and stress that is associated with the comedown. coke and uppers will fuel your OCD severely and stay away from caffiene because this will also fuel your OCD. i am white knuckling it now as far as not taking any meds for my OCD, but i have learned to cut out stress in my life at a very good rate. don't get worked up about things. this will cause your stress and anxiety level to rise and severely impact your OCD symptoms. I should go on meds because when i took 100 milligrams of Luvox my OCD symptoms were reduced by 70%. i also learned to drink caffiene free teas at night and sometimes when i feel a bit anxious I will add cava cava or Valerian root to my tea. I will even at times take melatonin to help me relax at night. i even learned to practice ignoring my OCD when it demands that I perform rituals. It's hard to do at first, but when you ignore the obsessions by not giving in and performing these rituals, the OCD will greatly subside. over a few months time of ignoring rituals it will become easier and easier to not do this. Then it will become more of a maintainence for you to not do rituals. The strength of the OCD symptoms will now greatly reduce. I also learned to do rituals in my mind so I don't look funny to other people doing strange movements. you can learn to get a handle on this. as i got into my teens i was able to hide my symptoms from others by shifting focus of the rituals being performed in my mind. after you have shifted this focus then you realize that you can control, ignore and cut down on your symptoms. good luck. EMAIL ME IF I CAN HELP YOU WITH MORE DETAILED THERAPY .......john

Trichotillomania help!?

I've had trich for 5 years. I'm 13...

Ive tried:


wear jewelry to play with

put vasaline on you hands so you can't grip the hair

medcations such as respierdol and prozac

Trichotillomania help!?

Gloves and hats.

I have been a puller for six years and nothing really is a definite cure but I found although it looks so silly in summer wearing gloves and a hat can help.

I pull as I'm going to bed and when I zone out so I wear gloves and hats which block me from doing so. Also when doing things like reading or writing, use both hands and so that one hand doesn't go back to it habitual pulling.

It is a struggle and you will find that you will slip up but I do hope that this helps.

Good luck fellow trichster... Pull free vibes to you!

PS... Trichotillomania, although similar, is NOT an OCD. It is what is known as a Impulse Control Disorder or ICD.

It is a conditioned response which causes the continued repetition of the pulling action. :)

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