Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Can 6 yrs of progressive hairloss be stopped ?

I am a male of 40 yrs with progressive hairloss at the top and the front with hair thinning over wider areas. I am willing to try anything as this is making me look and feel old! What is worse , i am from the new romantic and haircut bands era where hair meant all - it hurts!

Can 6 yrs of progressive hairloss be stopped ?

I understand losing your hair is tough...but it may grow back - it may never grow back the same as you were when you were 20, but I'm sure this will help a bit!

Try taking a B-complex vitamin every day (50mg) and d'pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) taken orally (50-100mg)'s known as the stress vitamin. I lost a lot of hair after stress, and it grew back over time, of course, when I took those vitamins faithfully for over 3 months(and keep them up after wards). It's worth a try!

You may have genetic male baldness which then may not be reversible.

Massage your scalp gently with your fingertips before bed - it is relaxing and when it's tingling that means you got blood circulation to that area. It may help stimulate the hair follicles to grow hair or keep growing what is still there.

And the best advice I can give you...if your hairline is receding and you are used to longer hair...go bald! Nothing worse is when a guy has a skullet...(balding with a mullet cut)....: ) trust me!!!

Can 6 yrs of progressive hairloss be stopped ?

Yes, if you know how.

Can 6 yrs of progressive hairloss be stopped ?

Get out the clippers, and get a grip on yourself. Bald is in style again.

Can 6 yrs of progressive hairloss be stopped ?

See hair loss is primarly due to four reasons. 1 is lack of nourshment 2. dandruff and 3 lice. and 4.Due to use of strong shampoos / hair lotions / conditioners. First of all eat plenty of green vegetables %26amp; fruits and salted cashew nuts %26amp; Almonds and take 1 teaspoon of honey every day. For dandruff use anti dandruff shampoo like selsun twice a week. Wash your hair always with baby shampoo and not any other strong shampoo / soaps. For lice you can apply anti lice shampoo availble . Apply boiled and cooled coconut oil very little to avoid dust accumilation and to avoid the fungus in the oil. Then if necessary take multivitamin tablets for 2 months thats all you will be fine and retain the hair that is available.

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