Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Punk/emo/screamo please help?

so im 20 years old and im move'in near T.O canada, ive always hung out with the popular groups of ppl where i live and all about fashion make-up cheerleading ect. But my taste in music has always been different actually im obsessed with music, instead of listeing to TRL top 100 and most popular songs, ive been more into senses fail, hawthorne, silverstein, takeing back sunday, just surrender , eyes set to kill, sasoin, armor for sleep ect. haha really into i should say, and i love big hair metal bands, like LAGUNS motley crue and everything and i was wondering if theres anyone around T.O that wants to start a band as much as i do haha im a dreamer i no, how random is this? but who cares just feed back please p.s. im not talkin girl band here at all, im talkin me maybe another and the rest guys screamer, no girl screamers there annoying and sound listen to pure white lace - eyes set to kill , something along thos lines

Punk/emo/screamo please help?

alien ant farm

arch enemy

it dies today


in flames

american head charge


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