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1940's hair?

Friday night I am playing for what is best described as a USO Show. I am the only female in the band, and I want to look good! I have been looking at hairstyles from the 1940's, and I like a lot of them. The problem is that I work until 5, and the curtain goes up at 7. Any suggestions for a quick, easy way to style my hair for Friday night? Web sites, instructions, anything will help! Thanks!

1940's hair?

Hair was a big deal in the 1940's, and had a very unique look, so you'll have to learn how to do your hair (or have it done) right by going to this website:

They have step by step instructions and photos on how to style your hair.

The first thing you have to do is determine if you can do the style that you want . Hair was cut to the same length everywhere on the head (so i you have too short of hair, or bangs, you won't be able to do these hair styles). Long hair is ok, and actually a good thing because it let's you do more with your hair.

To prep your hair, you'll need to curl it (don't use a curling iron). You'll want to use "Setting Lotion" when you curl your hair with sponge curlers or pin curls to get your curls to be uniform (let set until dry, or sleep in your curlers). When you curl your hair, you'll also want to do it in layers as indicated on the website (think rows of where you want to put rolls). You'll want a row of curls (curling the hair back) that follows your face around the top and sides.

When styling your hair, don't get frustrated if it takes a while. You will need a lot of hair spray and bobby pins. Even using this, your hair may not do what you want it to do, because it takes a while to train your hair to style the way you want it to.

You'll probably want some waves or curls on the front top and sides, then put the rest of your hair in a hair net or snood (you'll want to brush it out big after you curle it so that it fills the hair net uniformly).

Practice, practice, practice! As you style your hair like this more often, it becomes easier, and your hair easier to manage. I have a friend who does WWII reinacting and she can put her hair in pin curls while driving to work!

I hope that helps!

1940's hair?

if you have short hair: part it to the side and curl your side bangs and make them big and curly and curl up all your layers in the back and spray ur hair with hair spray.

if you have long hair still part it to the side and try big veronica lake curls. i hope i helped its kinda hard cause i donno what hair u have or exactly what u want but anyhooo good luck i lub 40's hairstyles!

1940's hair?

I would say your easiest option would be to lightly backcomb the front section of your hair and pin it back so you have a quiff-kind of thing. Then tie the rest of your hair back in a french pleat.

If you have curlers on hand, part your hair as far to the side as you can, then curl your hair loosely to get a Veronica Lake style.

1940's hair?

try having ringlets in your hair, then just pin it back and let a loose ringlet fall over your shoulder.

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